Thursday, September 1, 2011

Grand Opening 5 Day Sale - EVERYTHING'S on sale (including new gluten free grains!)

Shelf Reliance just opened a new facility today in American Fork, UT, and to celebrate, they've discounted ALL their food and shelving units. These prices are only valid through September 5th, so if you've been thinking about ordering, now's the time to do it! These sale prices are on top of the regular Q club discounted price. Have a look and make a list of what you've been wanting to order, then give me a call (714-683-7562) or shoot me an e-mail ( and we'll get that order placed before the sale ends.

Here's the price list - the very last column is your 5 day sale price, so that's the one to pay attention to:

Also in conjunction with the Grand Opening, Shelf Reliance has come out with some new products they're releasing, including new drink mixes, GLUTEN FREE grains, and a brand new Food Rotation System that fits under the bed.

Drink Mixes
All drink mixes come in pouch, pantry can and #10 can sizes. They are vitamin fortified with natural flavoring and sweeteners. Price quoted is the 5 day sale price for a #10 can.
  • Fruit Punch Performance - $17.99
  • Mango Passion - $20.99
  • Melon Berry Burst - $20.89
  • Orange Bliss - $17.79
  • Orchard Apple - $17.59
  • Simply Peach - $16.89
Gluten Free Grains

All gluten free products will be available in buckets, #10 cans, pantry cans, and pouches (cornmeal does not come in a pouch). Price quoted is the 5 day sale price for a #10 can.
  • Quinoa - $24.69
  • Amaranth - $11.00
  • Millet - $9.39
  • Rice Flour - $7.39
  • Cornmeal - $7.40

And last, but certainly  not least, is the Harvest Under the Bed food rotation unit. At 36" wide, 24.5" deep and only 10.5" tall, this shelving unit is designed to rotate Pantry size or smaller cans, even in the smallest nook you have. This is perfect for everyone who doesn't think they have any space to store their food storage. For the next five days, it's on sale for only $75.99.

So hurry and place your order before these great deals end! If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask!

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