Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Get Platinum Membership FREE - Month of September only

I have posted in the past about the wonderful Q program that Shelf Reliance offers. For those of you who haven't read about it yet, the Q program is where you can have the system help you create a balance food storage plan based on your family size, for a duration of your choosing, and all the items and quantities in the plan are fully customizable. Then, instead of paying for the plan all at once, you simply reallocate a portion of your normal grocery budget to buy your THRIVE foods, and whatever monthly budget you choose, the system will select items (or you can do it manually) to send to you each month, making sure that with tax and shipping, you never go over the budget that YOU determined. It's a great way to build your home store over time. And the food comes Fed-Ex straight to your door. It truly is a wonderful program.

Now all of the above is just the basic Q level of membership. But if you are the Platinum level of membership, you get all that plus some really amazing perks. Before I list off all the perks, let me just say that while the Platinum level normally has a sign up and annual renewal fee, ANYONE who lets me sign them up for the Q in the month of September, NO MATTER WHAT THEIR MONTHLY BUDGET IS, will qualify for Platinum membership FREE FOR LIFE. No sign up fees, no renewal fees, nothing. Just the perks. And here's what some of those perks are:

You'll notice that occasionally they send gifts. Here's an example of the gift Platinum members received recently. It's an adjustable measuring spoon, set of measuring cups, and a strainer. All for free, just to say thanks for being a Platinum member.


You'll also notice it says you get occasional Q-pons. Each month there is a special deal on a particular item that only Q members qualify for, and we receive this Q-pon emailed directly to us. People ordering through parties can't get this deal. In was Taco TVP in July and Elbow Macaroni in August. Right now it's FD Mushrooms.  I love getting bonus deals! 

We also get occasional shipping discounts, and special recipes,  such as the one below that was e-mailed out in August.

The last perk is my personal favorite: REWARD POINTS!!! For every dollar you spend on your Q as a platinum member, you earn 1 point. 500 points gets you $15 in free product. FREE FOOD! Who doesn't love that?

Normally, you'd have to pay for a sign up or renewal fee to get these benefits, but this month, I can secure those benefits for ANYONE who signs up for the Q, no matter how big or small their budget is, all for FREE. And that is free, for life. No renewal fees, ever. Just additional benefits. So if you're interested in getting set up on the Q or learning more about, just let me know.

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