Friday, April 27, 2012

Sneak Peek into Summer Price List changes

I've been able to take a sneak peek at the new Summer Price list that will go into effect on Tuesday May 2nd. For right now, the Winter Price list is still in effect. I went ahead and did a break down of the changes in price... there are actually more things that went down in price rather than went up. Thanks Shelf Reliance!

Here's a copy of the breakdown I did. The biggest price cuts are on top. The items that will go up in price are at the bottom. Please note that I only did price comparisons for the THRIVE foods. There may have been price changes with Emergency Supplies and shelving not reflected in the table below. Also note that the old line of Entrees is being discontinued, and they are coming out with their new THRIVE Express meals in pouches instead. More info to come on those later. But if you want to see the full price lists, use the links above. And when you're ready to place your order contact me and I'll get you the lowest price (even if it means holding off on processing the order until after the May 2nd price changes).

Item (#10 CAN) Winter Q Price Summer Q Price Difference
Beef dices (FD) 54.79 52.09 -$2.70
Roast beef (FD) 50.69 47.99 -$2.70
Blueberry Yogurt  41.89 39.69 -$2.20
Cherry Yogurt 41.79 39.59 -$2.20
Vanilla yogurt 39.89 37.79 -$2.10
Pomegranite Yogurt 37.19 35.19 -$2.00
Strawberry yogurt 36.19 34.29 -$1.90
Passionfruit Yogurt 36.19 34.29 -$1.90
Melon berry burst drink 20.89 19.79 -$1.10
Mango passion drink  20.99 19.89 -$1.10
Orange Bliss drink 18.29 17.29 -$1.00
Peach drink  16.89 15.99 -$0.90
Powdered milk 19.09 18.19 -$0.90
Blackberries  34.39 33.79 -$0.60
White Rice 8.69 8.39 -$0.30
Whole eggs 20.79 20.69 -$0.10
Chopped chicken (FD) 33.79 34.19 $0.40
FD Onions  17.49 17.99 $0.50
Amaranth  11.69 12.19 $0.50
Millet 9.39 10.09 $0.70
6 grain (now 10 grain) pancake mix 9.89 11.39 $1.50
Macaroons 15.09 16.89 $1.80
Ground beef FD 40.29 42.29 $2.00


ThriveSisters said...

Thank you for doing this. Nice Job!

~~~~~Carol Rohrer~~~~~~~~~~ Shelf Reliance Consultant said...

Yes!! And it was nice to see so many things go down ;)

Erin said...

This is great! Thanks for doing the break down!

Carolina Shelf Reliance said...

Thanks Whitney!!