Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Okay friends. I thought it was pretty weird that I was offering to give away free stuff, and no one was bothering to enter the giveaway. Then I heard from a few of you that you had tried to enter, and something was going wrong with the comments publishing to the site. Thanks to my great friend Jennie (she has a wonderful recipe blog,, the problem has been resolved. Comments are now showing up!

So what this means is if you have previously tried to enter, even if it says it published, it didn't. So you will need to leave a new comment in order to get your shot at winning. And remember, you can leave one comment per each of the 5 ways to enter. I apologize for the inconvenience. To allow everyone more time, I am going to extend the deadline to October 10th.  Just to recap, here are the ways to enter:

1- Post a comment on my blog about which THRIVE item you love the most and why. If you haven't tried any of the items yet, you can post about which item you are most interested in trying and why.

2- Get a friend to join either my blog as a follower or my facebook group. Leave a comment as to who you referred and if they joined the blog or the group.

3-Place an order for any Shelf Reliance Products (or sign up for the Q) through me as a consultant. Leave a comment stating that you ordered.

4- Leave a comment with a recipe your family enjoys that contains ingredients that could potentially be substituted with THRIVE foods. (check out the digital catalog link in the top right corner of this blog for a list of THRIVE foods)

5- Post a link to my blog and some positive recommendations on your own facebook profile or blog for your friends to see. Leave a comment stating which you did and what your blog address or facebook name is so I can go check it

And the winner will receive a FREE Pouch of FD Strawberries. So enter away. Sorry again for my technical expertise. Good luck to everyone entering!

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Gina said...

When I first heard of Thrive I thought how on earth could any food that can sit on a shelf for 25 years taste good? Was I ever wrong! I've eaten a few meals & tasted some of the fruits & veggies (chicken salad, tacos, corn, peppers, bananas, strawberries ect. All were AMAZING! A must try & buy for anyone looking for food storage or convenient cooking :0)