Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Important Sale Updates!

*IMPORTANT UPDATE (3/6/12): Due to the overwhelming response to the sale on the meat and cheese packs, Shelf Reliance currently has these packages on back order and will be ending the sale early to ensure that all back-ordered items can be filled and shipped in a timely manner. To ensure that you can get in on this awesome deal, we must place your order by Thursday March 8th at 10am MST. So contact me right away and add some quality freeze dried protein to your food storage. 

Also, the March Specials are now effective, and the link has been updated under "Links to Help You Thrive". You can also click here to see the March Specials. Items on sale this month include Yogurt Bites, Apple Sauce, Bacon TVP, Cheese Blend, Melon Berry Drink Mix, Green Peas, Split Green Peas, Potato Beans, Whole Strawberries, Turkey Dices, and Quinoa!  In honor of Quinoa being on sale, and the Cheese package on sale, I promise to post my Cheesy Quinoa Bites recipe tomorrow. Just wanted to make sure you got the sale updates right away. 

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