Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meat and Cheese Sale and why I am better than Costco!

*IMPORTANT UPDATE (3/6/12): Due to the overwhelming response to the sale on the meat and cheese packs, Shelf Reliance currently has these packages on back order and will be ending the sale early to ensure that all back-ordered items can be filled and shipped in a timely manner. To ensure that you can get in on this awesome deal, you must place your order by Thursday March 8th at 10am MST.* 

Hooray for Presidents' Day Sales! And just in time for tax return season too! From  February 20th - March 18th 2012, Shelf Reliance will be having some great sales on two packages: The Freeze Dried Cheese 6 Pack and the Freeze Dried Chicken and Beef 6 pack. Here's the package information:

Chicken and Beef 6 Pack
On Sale for $144.60

Contains: 3 #10 cans of Chopped Chicken (FD)  and 3 #10 cans of Ground Beef (FD). Total servings: 288.

A #10 can of FD Chicken is normally $33.79 and the FD Ground Beef is $40.29 (Q Club price). This would cost $222.24 if you bought the cans individual. So $77.64 in savings. Not too shabby!

Freeze Dried Shredded Cheese 6 Pack
On Sale for $154.65

Contains: 2  #10 cans of Cheddar Cheese (FD), 2 #10 cans of Monterey Jack Cheese (FD), 1 #10 can of  Mozzarella Cheese (FD), and 1 #10 can of Colby Cheese (FD).

To buy the cheeses individually at the Q club price would cost you $238.84. So it's $84.19 in savings over the regular discount price. 

Now, some of you may notice that Costco is advertising the same packages on sale right now. At least, I noticed when their last coupon book came through the mail. Even after you factor in shipping costs, our prices are still lower than theirs, but I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that if you ever find a Shelf Reliance item on sale cheaper somewhere else, let me know, and I can match the price for you. If price matching wasn't enough to sell you on why it's better to buy from me than from Costco or other places, keep this in mind as well:

  • You are supporting a self employed mother, not a corporation. :-)
  • It doesn't require a membership card, putting kids in a cart, or waiting in line. 
  • No gas money. It ships right to your door. 
  • No coupons to bring or rebates to mail in. 
  • You can earn 10% back in FREE PRODUCT on any order you place through me and have the potential to earn more product at half off. 

So CONTACT ME to order these great meat and cheese deals and get all the benefits listed above. In honor of this sale, I will be posting some recipes this week using the FD meats and cheeses. Stay tuned.

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