Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Host with the Most - Get an extra $500 in half off product this July!

Awesome news everyone!  Shelf Reliance is offering a special deal this July that is truly incredible. For anyone who hosts a party in July, and has at least $100 in sales, in addition to the regular host benefits, you will also get to pick out one extra product, up to $500 in retail price, and you will get that item half off. So that is an extra savings of up to $250. Here are the official rules for redeeming this incentive:

  1. This incentive may only be redeemed once (per host) and is valid for one product only—hosts may not combine products to reach the $500 retail value. 
  2. The party must be held in July and must record $100 sales to be eligible
  3. This incentive is in addition to the usual host benefits
  4. A special host benefit order form must be submitted to Shelf Reliance by August 7th. It may take up to 2-3 weeks to process your order. 

There are two ways to host a party. 
  1. You can have an in-home party, where your friends come to your home. I bring food for everyone to sample and we talk about the products together. I would love to do that for your and your friends - you just need to contact me to schedule your party and we have to make it happen during July. Available dates are limited, so it this is what you want, please contact me right away. 
  2. You can also host an on-line party, or catalog party.  You email links to the catalog and the price lists to all of your friends and family. You leave a catalog and order forms in the break room at work. You collect orders (or give me their contact info and I will collect the orders for you) and voila! You get the same host benefits, but without having to worry about vacation schedules or cleaning up your house. This is the perfect option for people who live too far away for me to come do a party, or for people who are just too busy to throw a party together. If you want to host an on-line party, just contact me so I can get you all the necessary links and work out the details with you. 
If you have at least $100 of things you would like to order, you already have your sales quota met to qualify. You might as well host a party and see if you can collect a few extra orders. With things like our awesome Instant Milk and our Powdered Eggs on sale for July, the products will basically sell themselves. And the regular host benefits are awesome. In addition to the July promo of $500 in half off,   every hosts already gets 10% of their sales totals in free product, and every  $400 in sales earns $50 in half off product as well.  Also, if anyone books a party from your party, you get another $100 in half off. So there is A LOT of great benefits. If you want to really invest in your family's preparedness, there has NEVER been a better time. 

So what product would you get with your benefits? Perhaps a Sun Oven? Retail price $329.99.  Your host price would be $164.99.  Or maybe a Standard 6 month supply of Freeze Dried Fruits? Retail price $486.99. Your host price: $243.49. Or perhaps you want the Power Center 200 - a portable silent generator that can be recharged in your wall outlet, via solar panel, or even by hand crank? Retail price $499.99. Your host price: $249.99

Hurry and contact me right away to book your in-home or on-line party right away. If you have hosted a party in the past, you are definitely allowed to host another one this month to take advantage of this great offer!

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