Saturday, October 29, 2011

Brand new items - so exciting!

So Shelf Reliance just announced over 30 new items that will be on sale effective November 3rd. To see the full listing of items and prices, click here. There are five new  fruits and veggies to replace the ones they are discontinuing, including Freeze Dried Green Bell Peppers, FD Tomato dices, FD Zucchini, Applesauce
Powder, and FD Red Grapes. 

There's also a great new under the bed rotation rack for #10 cans, and tons of emergency items, including a way cool generator, baking pans for the Sun Oven, and so much more. 

They've also announced what the November Specials will be. The October Specials are currently in effect until November 1st, then these specials will kick in. Raspberries, orange yogurt, potato chunks.. lots of good stuff. To get a sneak peek at the November specials, click here.

Additionally, all their pantry cans will be available in 10 packs, AND they are offering bucket sizes of Instant Milk, Powdered Milk, Chicken TVP and Beef TVP. All effective November 3rd.

So take a look at all the new items and new specials, and let me know what you want to order so I can get you the lowest price.

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