Monday, August 15, 2011

Pie Crust

I found a basic flaky pie crust recipe that I'm in love with. I tried adapting it to use my THRIVE shortening, and it worked pretty well. And it is seriously so easy.

1 1/4 cup THRIVE white flour
1 cup THRIVE Shortening Powder
1/4 tsp THRIVE salt
7 Tbsp ice cold water

Mix together all dry ingredients with a fork.

 Add the ice water and stir for a few minutes until soft ball of dough is formed.

Roll out on a floured surface to desired thickness. Makes one 9" unbaked pie crust.

You can use the unbaked crust to make just about any kind of pie that requires baking. Just place it in the ungreased pie pan, fill with whatever filling you like (apple, chicken pot pie, quiche, etc) and bake according to that recipe's instructions. Or you can bake the crust by itself and fill with something non-baked, like pudding, fresh fruit, whipped cream, or what I did, Chicken Salad. I chose to roll my dough out and cut it with a round cookie cutter, and put the circles into a mini cupcake dish, thus baking mini crusts. Filled those with Chicken Salad, and they went over very well at the party I served them at. Hubby didn't get to try any, but all the party people said they like it, and were surprised at how soft the crust was. It might look in the picture like you're getting a hard crispy crust, but this actually came out pretty soft. My non-THRIVE version does come out a little flakier, which I prefer, but these are still very good, and allow me to make a pie crust without getting a measuring cup covered in shortening that I will then spend 5 minutes and 1/4 cup of Dawn trying to clean. And I didn't have to use a pastry cutter for 5 minutes. For that reason alone, I am a fan and will be using the recipe again this week to try little mini quiches with my powdered eggs and other THRIVE ingredients.

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