Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just a reminder - sale ends August 8th (Monday)

 For those of you who are anxious to get back to more product review and recipes, I promise those are coming this week. This last week has been all about recovering from our hospital adventures, and I haven't done much cooking. But I promise, you'll see a lot more recipes and reviews coming up. Meantime, I just wanted to remind you that the 2 person, 3 month food and water package sale ends Monday August 8th, and the 1 year 4 person package ends August 14th.

If you purchase either package, I will happily create a "party" with you as the host so you can take advantage of Host Benefits (HB).  HB are are designed to reward a host with an opportunity to get free and half-off products based on order totals.   So...

For ordering the 1 Year 4 Person Package for $2848.99 you will receive $285 in Free and $350 in Half-off HB.

For ordering the Food and Water Package for $945.29 you will receive $95 in Free and $150 in Half-off HB.

It's like getting a deal on top of a deal!  Contact me to place your order before the deadlines - you won't want to miss out!  

Aug 8 - Food and Water Package deadline
Aug 14 - 1 Year 4 Person Package deadline

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