Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The importance of Net Wt comparison

Recently, I've had two customers place an order for some of THRIVE's great TVP and other products, but when it came time to order the FD fruit, they said they were holding off to go buy those through a different company, because the prices were so much cheaper. Curious as to how much cheaper, I asked for the company name and took a peek at their prices on-line.

Sure enough, a #10 can of FD Strawberries was only $18.99, while the THRIVE price was $24.09. And their #10 can of pineapple is only $25.99, while THRIVE's is $33.99. I was disappointed at how big the price difference was. But then I noticed on their site that the strawberries come with 6 ounces of product in the can and the pineapple comes with 12 ounces. I happen to have #10 cans of strawberries and pineapple in my pantry from THRIVE, so I went to compare. THRIVE #10 cans come with 9.6 ounces of fruit, not 6 ounces like the competitor. And THRIVE gives you 19.2 ounces of pineapple instead of just 12. So while the size of the can you would be receiving is the same, how much of that can is product and how much is just empty space is NOT the same from one company to the next.

When comparing costs, be aware that the number of servings and the serving sizes can be deceiving if the fruit is in larger chunks in one company's product than another company's. The only way to do a true cost comparison is through Net Weight, which is the weight of the item, minus the weight of the container, leaving you with the weight of product in the container. By law, the Net Wt should be printed on the front of each can, usually down at the bottom of the label.

So if we take $18.99 and divide by 6 ounces, you're paying $3.16/ounce of FD Strawberries with the other guy. With THRIVE, $24.09 divided by 9.6 ounces = $2.50/ounce of FD Strawberries.  Not only do you save $0.66 per ounce with THRIVE, but you save space as well. Who wants to waste precious storage space on half a can of air?

The pineapple is a striking difference as well. With them, $25.99/12 ounces = $2.17 per ounce of FD Pineapple. With THRIVE, $33.99/19.2 ounces = $1.77 per ounce.

Shelf Reliance is a company with integrity.  They aren't going to deceive you with lower prices, only to give you half empty cans like some other companies do. Their THRIVE products taste great, are fairly priced, and are of the highest quality. To see for yourself, contact me to place an order, or visit my website at: http://www.whitneyhemsath.shelfreliance.com/.

*Note: On the Shelf Reliance website, if you zoom in on some of the pictures of #10 cans  (such as FD Strawberries, FD Pineapple and FD Bananas) you may be able to read a  Net Wt on the labels that was accurate at the time the picture was taken, but some Net Wts have changed since then. The current Net Wt is listed as "Unit Weight" on the individual product page. I have compared the "unit weight" listing on the website with the actual Net Weight on the #10 can labels of strawberries, pineapples and bananas that I have at home and they match up.

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Jennie said...

Wow! I had never thought of that. You would think same size can, same Nt Weight. Thanks for sharing!