Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't just survive, THRIVE

Welcome to THRIVE with Hemsath! This is my new blog to showcase various recipes I've made using my THRIVE foods and other food storage items. In addition to recipes, you'll find reviews on individual products, food storage tips and health information, and a few tips on overall self reliance. I welcome any comments you might have, especially if you try the recipes yourself - PLEASE! share with me your experience and what you thought.

To get started, let me introduce you to what the THRIVE food line includes. They have the highest quality powdered, dehydrated, and freeze-dried foods available on the market, many of which have a shelf life of 25 years or more, and once you open the can, just reseal it with its plastic lid and  most will stay good on the shelf for another 1-2 years. 

The products are broken down into the USDA food pyramid food groups: Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy, Meats and Beans, and Fats/Sugars/Cooking Basics. They also have all-in-one entrees and some awesome desserts as well. The products come in 3 sizes: #10 cans, small "pantry cans", and even smaller Mylar Pouches, (which are perfect for 72 hour kits or camping trips). Let me tell you, these things taste GREAT!

Another thing I love about these foods are NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES!!! A can of freeze dried raspberries has just that in it - Raspberries. No added colors, no added sodium, just au naturel! Gotta love that.  If you want to see what the prices for these foods are, and what items are specifically offered, here is a link to the current summer home party prices. If you contact me to place your order, I can get you the price labeled "Q-club price", or you can place the order yourself through my website and pay a slightly higher price (1-2% more that Q-club, but still cheaper than the retail price). Click here for the current summer prices:

Well, enough chit-chat. Time for me to go cook and take some pictures so you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about. If you don't add yourself as a follower (you can follow by e-mail if you want by clicking on the link in the right menu bar of the blog), then make sure you keep coming back often so you don't miss out on any great reviews, recipes, tips or tricks. Now let's start Thriving!

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Sassy "T" said...

The chicken is my absolute favorite!! I made a chicken salad for the party I had last week & everybody absolutely loved it...they didnt realize it was made from THRIVE products until I told them.

Everyone was actually getting full about half way thru the party from all the recipes we made but they kept saying the products were so good that they couldnt STOP eating them.

Some of the other recipes we made with THRIVE products were Fruit Smoothies, fruity granola, goulosh, wheat bread along with the butter spread, carrot cupcakes, spinach dip and the brownie & macaroon mixes were a hit too.

And make sure you talk to Whitney about starting a THRIVE Q'll love how easy their system makes it for you to work on your food storage. Teresa Stewart