Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Sale Items and Freeze Dried Celery review!

Thank you and congrats to everyone who ordered through the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. It was a huge success, and lots of people got some amazing deals. If you're bummed you didn't get a chance to order, have no fear, there are still savings to be had. A new month means new monthly sale items, and here's a link to view all the December Sale Prices. Remember to contact me to place you order and ensure the low prices you see on the sales sheet.

Among the items on sale this month are the new Freeze Dried Zucchini, Freeze Dried Chicken and Roast Beef (those are the actual meats, not the TVPs), Brownie Mix, Butter Powder, Gluten free Quinoa, and one of my personal favorite items, FREEZE DRIED CELERY!

Here's why I love my THRIVE Freeze Dried Celery:
  • It's pre-washed and cut so I can just throw in a scoop and go. Adding veggies to my dinners is so easy, I am doing it more often now than I ever did before I found THRIVE.
  • FD Celery comes finely diced, so even my picky eaters have a hard time picking it out.
Thrive FD Celery, FD Onions and carrots, straight from can, shown to scale.

  • When I had a recipe that calls for celery, I used to just omit it, because I wasn't going to spend the money buying a whole bunch at the store, only to use 1-2 stalks and have the rest go rubbery in my fridge before I could get to it. But THRIVE FD Celery lasts 25 years in an un-opened can, and up to TWO YEARS once I've opened the can. So I just use what I need, put the lid back on, and know it will still be good next time I need it. No more celery being wasted in the Hemsath home!
  • The bright green color perks up any meal.
Thrive FD Celery on the left. Dark gross green celery from canned soup on right.
Here are just a few things I've cooked with my FD Celery before.

Chicken Corn Chowder

Chicken Salad - photo from the THRIVE cookbook, which recipe I use and love
Beef Stroganoff - No, I don't have an actual photo of the meal. But our plates did look pretty much like this afterwards. It was quick, easy, and delicious.

Gluten free Chicken pot pie filling...

...that I baked inside a loaf of whole wheat bread dough.
There are so many meals that FD Celery goes wonderfully in. And for the month of December, a #10 can is only $21.49. So contact me today to order yours.

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