Saturday, July 30, 2011

Host benefits - an extra bargain on the current sale!

I was first introduced to Shelf Reliance through a home party my friend had. I went solely to sample the food, but it tasted so great, I was blown away. Then I heard about the great host benefits they offer, and I knew I was going to throw a party for my friends so they could taste it and be impressed without relying on just my opinion. One thing led to another, and I am now a consultant for THRIVE, so I go to others homes, prepare food for them to sample and teach them about what THRIVE is and how to use it.  And every party I do, the host gets those same amazing benefits. Here is a summary of the benefits.

  • Of all the sales your party generates, you get 10% of that back as free product (retail price).
  • If anyone signs up for the Q at your party, whatever monthly budget they choose, you will get that amount, multiplied by 3, towards your total sales.
  • In addition to the 10% of your sales toward free product, you can earn half off (retail price) product as well through sales and party referrals. 
  • If your sales total at least $400, you get $100 in half off. $800 in sales gets you $150, $1200 gets you $200, $1600 gets you $250, and $2000 gets you $300. For every thousand dollars beyond that, you get an extra $50.
  • For every person who books a party of their own as a result of your party, you get $100 in half off product.
  • If you make a purchase at a friend's party, and decide to have your own party, not only will your friend get credit for your purchase toward their sales, but when you have your party, you will start off with credit for your prior purchase as well. This is the "double dip" benefit Shelf Reliance offers to encourage people to support each other and not hold off on orders until their own party.
  • Friends and family do not have to be present at your party in order to place an order or book a party from yours. The most successful hosts share the product information with out-of-state friends and family, as well as encourage those who have scheduling conflicts to still look over the catalog and feel free to place any orders they want. 
  • I do not even have to be present at your party! I am currently working with one out of state family member on doing the party via Skype. And if you do not want to clean your home and have people over, we can arrange for an "on-line" party for you. Your host benefits are the same, and you simply need to share information with anyone you want, anyway you want (e-mail, phone, in person, etc), collect as many orders as you can, and then cash in your benefits.  
Now, I had recently posted about the sale that Shelf Reliance is doing for their 1 year/4 person package. The price is $2848.99 plus tax and shipping. For anyone who orders that package, we can open a party for them (on-line or in person) and even if they can't gather any other orders, they will already have accrued $284.90 in FREE product (retail price) as well as $300 in HALF-OFF product (retail price) from their own purchase. That makes an already great deal an even better bargain. But remember, that special ends August 14th, so if you're interested, contact me soon.

And if you are interested in hosting a party to earn some free and half off product for yourself, just let me know. We'll find the party style and date and time that work best for you.

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